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Slow down and enjoy seeing the colors of the seasons painted on the canvas of Mt Yoji, viewed across the waters of Adoike.

Lunch service is currently closed for the time being.
We will inform you when we are ready to reopen.

メニュー Menu


定食 Set menu

日替わり定食 Set menu of the day

お肉、地魚、丼ぶりメニューを日替わりで提供しています。 We have a broad and changing menu that offers something for everyone. A variety of differing meats, locally caught fish and Japanese style rice bowl meals are all offered at reasonable prices.

660円(税込) ¥660(including tax)

唐揚げ定食 Fried chicken set menu

鶏もも肉をスパイスが効いた特製タレにじっくり漬け込んだ唐揚げです。噛めばジューシーな肉汁が溢れ出します。 Deep fried chicken thigh marinated in a special spicey sauce.
Chicken cooked in that old style, where when you bite into it, the juice runs down your chin.

700円(税込) ¥700(including tax)

チキン南蛮定食 Nanban style chicken set menu

The most popular choice on the menu is this deep-fried chicken. It is topped with a homemade tartar sauce, made special by the secret ingredient of sweet vinegar.

700円(税込) ¥700(including tax)

ハンバーグ定食 Japanese style hamburg steak set menu

しっかりとした肉感のあるハンバーグ。肉汁をぎゅっと閉じ込めるため、低温でじっくり焼き上げています。 A Japanese style hamburger steak, slowly baked at low temperature then seared to ensure maximum juiciness and tenderness.

750円(税込) ¥750(including tax)

ハンバーグ&唐揚げ定食 Fried chicken and Japanese hamburg combination set menu

ハンバーグと唐揚げの相盛り定食。ボリューム満点です。 A delicious combination of fried chicken and the Japanese style hamburg steak.

800円(税込) ¥800(including tax)

ハンバーグ&チキン南蛮定食 Chicken nanban and Japanese hamburg combination set menu

ハンバーグとチキン南蛮の相盛り定食。管理人一押しメニューです。 A delicious combination of chicken nanban and the Japanese style hamburg steak.

850円(税込) ¥850(including tax)

単品・セット Single Item / set

お蕎麦セット Soba noodle set menu

Kaida Highland buckwheat noodles from Shinshu, are made with an interesting uneven texture to increase the enjoyment of this Japanese staple.

単品 550円(税込) Single Item ¥550(including tax)

セット 660円(税込) Set ¥660(including tax)

デザート Dessert

アイスクリーム Ice cream

We offer seasonal delights such as ice cream, pound cake, and puddings.

単品 220円(税込) Single Item ¥220(including tax)

ランチとセットで 140円(税込) set with lunch ¥140(including tax)

お電話でのお問合せはこちら。To make an enquiry by phone.

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客室Guest room

各部屋の予約フォームよりお申し込みください。Please apply from the reservation form for each room.


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