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Tourist information
for Amy Monbos's surrounds.

Next to Amy Monbos, there is a museum showing the history of yellowtail farming.
In and around the Hiketa area there are many things to enjoy, such as hiking on nearby mountain trails and strolling through historical towns.

ジオサイト Geosite



香川大学創造工学部 長谷川研究室HP讃岐ジオサイト「東かがわ市の海岸」より引用(2020年時点。現在では閉鎖されています)

1 引田不整合

" Kagawa University Faculty of Engineering and Design
Quoted from the Hasegawa Lab website Sanuki Geosite "Higashikagawa City Coast""
(Unfortunately this website is now closed.)

1.Hiketa unconformity.
Directly below the Shiroyama Lighthouse is a cliff called Tawara Korogashi, where the Izumi and Ryoke granite formations are exposed.
The Izumi strata inclines 40 degrees south and covers the Ryoke granite which is white.
This formation is called the Hiketa Unconformity, and was the first Mesozoic unconformity outcrop discovered in Japan.

2. Lamprophyre dike.
On the coast, from Matsubara to Hiketa in Higashikagawa City, you can see a large number of lamprophyre dikes (diorite dikes) that intruded when joints (tensile fractures) were formed in the granite.
The lamprophyre are considered to be late Cretaceous, a little later than the granites.
The striped pattern of the white granite and the black lamprophyre dikes is beautiful to look at. The Kaburakoshi lamprophyre dike was designated a national natural monument in 1942.

ソルトレイクひけた Salt Lake Hiketa




Salt Lake Hiketa is fish-themed experience facility next to Amy Monbos.
Salt Lake Hiketa has three areas. "Fish Hook" - where you can enjoy catching fish, "Marre Ricco" - where you can learn about the fish at the farm and the restaurant "Wa-san Tei".
At "Fish Hook" you can enjoy fishing in Adoike which is generously stocked with yellowtail, amberjack, and sea bream, etc from the fish farm.
Once you experience catching a yellowtail you will become addicted!
You can spend a whole day fishing with bait inside Adoike or try lure fishing outside the fish enclosure.

For children, we recommend the hands-on learning experience at "Marre Ricco".
There is a quiz corner, where you can learn about young yellowtail farming that originated Adoike, and also learn about sea bream fishing.
Yellowtail fish demonstrate their impressive power during feeding, which you can do at the farm.
At "Wa-san tei" you can enjoy delicious and fatty fresh yellowtail along with other kinds of locally caught fish.
Please enjoy the fish, as a generous serving of sashimi, or in a seafood rice bowl.

引田のまち並み The township of Hiketa




About 2 km from Amy Monbos, you can visit the town of Hitketa. It retains its old world feel and appearance and is proud of its history of once being an important trading hub.

In Hiketa town, you can visit Sanshu Izutsu Yashiki, which was once a sake and soy sauce manufacturing merchant's house, but now demonstrates what the Edo period was like. You can also experience die-cutting for wasanbon candy. This candy, which is made from sugarcane, is made using a traditional method that has been practised since the Edo period.
On weekends, you can eat at Gohanya Hishio, where they serve their specialty of pickled yellowtail on rice. You can also buy unique souvenirs from the local area.

The registered national cultural treasure called Kamebishiya, which is a soy sauce brewery founded in 1753, has 18 buildings including a store and a soy sauce storehouse.
You can also enjoy the unique artworks of Mr. Masayuki Nagare and Mr. Takeshi Kawashima.
The former post office for Hiketa has been renovated whilst keeping its historic feel, and now stands as Nouvelle Post, a stylish new cafe.
You can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the photogenic quaint narrow alleys.

湾岸アートプロジェクト Hiketa port art project




About 2.3 km from Amy Monbos, there is a project to paint artworks on the concrete seawalls of Hiketa fishing port as part of the goal to beautify Higashikagawa city.
The seawalls are colored with fantastic pictures and bold calligraphy.

It started in 2018 when Celia Beerben, an artist from Spain who was studying at Chicago's School of the Art, painted some brightly colored sea creatures on the seawall.
The murals, which were bright and beautiful at first were exposed to the elements, so they quickly faded.
Local volunteers launched the Higashikagawa City Bay coast art Project, because they believed it shouldn't be allowed to dissapear.
In addition to the restoration of Celia Beerben's work, new artists were invited from around Japan to add new murals and other works of art to continue the beautification of the area.

When you walk north from the township of Hiketa, you will find a variety of different artworks drawn on house shutters, and at the wharf you can see a magnificent work of over 200 meters in length that has been painted on the seawall.
The scenery and art compilation at Hiketa Port has become a hot topic and has become a tourist spot.
The project is still underway with the combination of the artworks evolving over time, so that tourists can enjoy something different every time they visit.

田の浦野営場 Tanoura Campsite

Located about 2 kilometers from Amy Monbos is Tanoura campsite, a free campsite managed by Higashikagawa City.
Refurbishment work was done last year, with Western-style toilets, showers and cooking facilities being added to the site.
The beautiful lawn which covers the campsite is well maintained. You can enjoy activities such as swimming and SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) at the adjoining beach.
Many people enjoy having a barbecue at the beach during the day, and then relaxing in comfort at Amy Monbos at night.

ハイキング(与治山・翼山) Hiking (Mt. Yoji and Mt. Tsubasa)




Mt.Yoji, which is located on the other side of Adoike from Amy Monbos, is an easy-to-climb mountain with an altitude of 187m.
From the vantage point of the summit, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Adoike , Amy Monbos, and the Seto Inland Sea

Mt. Tsubasa is about 1.2 km away from Amy Mambos, and it is also an easy mountain to climb with an altitude of 125m.
The path that leads up this mountain has many little stone Buddhas on it, to try and reflect the Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage. It is to give the climber a feeling of doing a mini pilgrimage as they climb the mountain.
The unwritten challenge is to try and count all 88 Buddhas as you climb the mountain. Walking from one mountain to the other is great exercise.

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